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On his 18th birthday, Mathias traveled to NCYC (National
Catholic Youth Conference). With 20,000 other Catholic
teens, he sang the songs and heard the best Catholic speakers in the nation. On the
final day, he competed in NCYC’S top Talent along with nine other gifted finalists.
Some contestants used tracks they had prepared, while others performed popular
hit songs. With just his guitar, Mathias shared a song he had specially written for
the contest. The testimony of his own personal faith journey in the song moved the
audience and judges, and his voice sounded not so much like a high school teen, but
a seasoned professional expressing his love of God in song. The crowd erupted in
approval when Mathias was announced the winner, who would get to record his own
album during the coming year.
But it is not just being a High School Senior with his own album that will set
Mathias apart. At the age of just 13, he gave his life to Christ and wrote his first
song, which will be included on the debut album. Mathias is active in his parish as
cantor, youth representative on the pastoral council, and a member of the Knights
of Columbus; he is also a member of the Diocese of Wilmington Youth Leadership
Team. He has already begun to perform at youth events around the country and
before the end of 2012, will have appeared in Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan,
and New York.
All those working in youth ministry know the power of peer testimony. Imagine the
effect when the performer himself is a high school teen, just like the audience. He
goes through the same experiences day to day, but shows it is possible to stand up
for Christ even in a public school environment, and also turn his gifts to the service
of God. He is a great encouragement and role model to other teens wanting to live
their faith and put Christ first in their lives. Mathias  is ready and willing to travel to your youth events around the country and share his music and testimony.